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    Hi my friend shipped me her iphone because she broke the LCD. so I ordered a new module (lcd with digitizer). Douring the disasembly I accidentally ripped the "home" button, so I ordered a new flex cable (has the home button attached to it) and installed it. So everything should work, so I did a test and powered it up without screwing the boards all back in place, but it says no simcard installed.

    I believe this iphone is unlocked as well, but im not positive.

    I tried several simcards, a 3g simcard (even though the phone is a 2g phone) I tried a regular cingular simcard (even though its an at&t iphone it should still detect the simcard I would think).

    The only other possable problem may be the white antenna- it has to be replaced too, yesterday I accidentally cut the chord when my hand slipped- but I dont think that would have to do with not detecting the simcard. Since the antenna is not attached the phone should show no service I would think. But no matter what it should atleast detect the simcard I would think, even if it detects it as invalid. But I dont know for sure

    Doea anyone have any ideas to what the problem may be?
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