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    so i got an iPhone for $50 everything worked the glass was cracked and the screen had a small white spot at the bottom. i used it for a week and barely dropped it so half the screen went white. ok time for a new screen, bleah bleah i skimmed a tutorial and slept on it the next afternoon i f#$ked up by starting the pry the back from the silver instead of just pulling the glass/lcd screen out. in the process i damaged several flex cables and the back plastic... The power button/volume/head phone jack.. and a flex on the bottom which goes from the dock port into im guessing the wifi antennae ? does anyone know if this is just a dock flex all in one or a different flex. i will post a pic in a couple of minutes.

    But this is going to be my repair thread hoping you guys can give some advice. im not rich so it will take a couple weeks ordering a part at a time in the order of repair and hopefully get it back to just having a messed up screen. i have dealt with phones mainly motorola and samsung but the iphone is quite a bit of crap loaded into such a slim phone! i feel really stupid but for some strange reason this is how i learn.
    2009-05-07 04:00 AM
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    Your gonna end up having to buy almost every part inside that thing now. I really wouldnt screw with it...you can sell the good parts, mainly the mainboard and still make money off it. I would then take that and put it towards a working 3g.
    2009-05-07 04:12 AM
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    well i have been looking around and have found some decent prices for parts, heres the damage.


    ok this is the WIFI antenna?? i assume its wifi because i cant connect unless im right at the router.

    and then the power button flex

    just for fun heres the screen

    fell out of the guys pocket and he ran it over with his truck in gravel

    The phone still works i only paid $50 so if i spend $100 im still getting off cheaper than an upgrade
    2009-05-07 04:20 AM
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    Its gonna cost more than $100. The LCD alone is about $70.

    Also, thats not the "wifi antenna", its the external speaker cable thats coming out of the dock there. Its soldered to the dock flex cable. To replace you have to buy a new dock flex cable assembly (which includes the speaker inside) + the actual flex cable + another microphone.....and solder them all together.
    2009-05-07 04:26 AM
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    3G 8/16 GB APPLE iPHONE LCD+TOUCH SCREEN DIGITIZER - eBay (item 120388046929 end time Jun-04-09 10:00:21 PDT) ???

    i may have circled the wrong part let me double check!

    ok so the speaker... can that plastic be disasembled if so i can solder in a new flex. also why cant anyone sell an all in one peice?
    next is why is my wifi so crappy anyone know how it works and i assume the lower right bottom of the board is where the wifi antennae connects to the actuall flex antennae? if i spend 200 fixing it im still coming out on top because i cant upgrade my plan and i will end up with a new color back cover my main issue right now thats going to decide to trash it or not is if the mainboard was broken and if the wifi will ever work. i beleive it broke a trace but i dont know where my magnifying glass is, if so its easily repairable but im also wondering if maybe the metal part of the case connects to the mainboard somehow?
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    2009-05-08 01:03 AM