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    Ok, I hate to be the noob with 1 post asking help and then leaving the forums, and I promise not to be that guy. However, I will be that guy that asks for help with his first post

    So anyways, I feel that I know my way around hardware fairly well, and so when my SIM card tray would not fully go back in, I decided to take apart my phone to fix the problem myself. It is a jailbroken 2G iPhone on 2.2.1, and the warranty was already 9 months gone even without the jailbreak, so I figured what the heck. So anyways, I used a knife to carefully pop off the back plate, unscrewed the three screws for the back plate, disconnected the headphone jack and was left with the base of my phone.

    I then removed the 10 or so screws holding the chrome bezel to the phone and removed that as well. Next, I took out the three screws holding in the stuff above the battery, near where the camera is. The camera fell out, and I was able to pull the SIM card slot out and find a small, threadless stud in there. I carefully removed it, replaced the slot, the camera, etc. and reassembled the phone in reverse order of what I had already done, being careful to make sure everything was plugged in alright. All of the screws went back okay, I put the SIM card tray in, and PRESTO!!! It went in all the way, and my phone recognize the SIM and reconnected to the network. The camera and headphones were working too. Woohoo!

    Then the s***storm hit. My home button did not do anything, the mic does not work (like when on a call for instance), the phone will not plug into anything through USB (iHome, computer, charger, etc.), and a very small portion of the bottom of the screen does not work. Basically, everything below the battery in the phone does not work. My contract is up in July, and I will probably end up getting a Pre then anyways, so I REALLY don't want to spend $200 on a new phone, especially if I have to extend the contract. So basically my options are get a cheap phone to pop the SIM into and be with a dumbphone for two or so months, or see if someone could help me.

    After a little searching on the intarwebz, you guys seemed to be the most knowledgeable on the subject of iPhones, hence my recent registration. So basically, if anyone could help me fix my phone, or at least diagnose what the problem is, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm sorry for the long read, but I figured it was better than leaving you guessing at what had happened/what my problems are. If you have any further questions on what happened/is happening go ahead, I just really need help. I'm 16 and don't even have $200 so I would really appreciate anything you guys can do for me.

    Thanks for reading through, and thanks in advance for any help/advice you can offer,


    Okay, I have found temporary workarounds for not having to use the home button, and being able to make calls, so if someone could give me some temporary way of charging my phone I would be ok for a while until I can find more permanent solutions.

    If anyone was wondering, I have found that locking your phone, pressing the lock button, hitting the emergency call button, backing out of that, and then entering your password returns you to the home screen, so you don't have to restart your phone to get there. For making calls, you can simply use the iphone headphones that have the mic on them.

    48 views and no help. Please? CPJR? Someone?
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    It's really hard to know what went wrong without it here.

    Most likely the flex cable got messed up somehow. It is also very hard to replace.

    PM a member (one1) here....he has replaced many.
    2009-05-14 03:37 AM
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    Okay, looking at his thread it is probably either the flex cable or the logic board, thanks.

    Anyway of me being able to tell on my own which it is? If not I guess the smart thing to do would be to try the flex cable first. Where is the best place to get these? I like to avoid ebay where possible.
    2009-05-14 05:25 AM