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    Hi, recently my iphone doesn't make contact with the ring of the right side of my headphones plug, sometimes it sounds, sometimes don't, but if i move the plug it fixes until i leave the plug alone.

    This happen with any pair of headphones, so its the jack.

    I think its somethin with the internal pin that contact the inner ring of the plug. In other MP3 player I could fix it open it and pushing the metalic pin towards the center to "force" more contact.

    But the few pictures i saw online from the audiojack replacement part, it looks like it is sealed with plastic...

    My question is, to someone who has seen this part, is there a way to push the metalics pins, or it is sealed? Shoul I buy the audio jack replacement and install it instead of open it just to push the metallic pins?

    If you didnt noticed, english is not my first language so some things I didnt know how to call them, like those "metallic pins", anyway, i hope you guys get the idea.

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    2009-05-16 08:20 PM
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    I would by the replacement, its cheap and fairly easy (IMO) to put in. Yes, its sealed in plastic and you would likely destroy it trying to modify it.
    2009-05-16 09:11 PM