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    I have two jailbroken 2G iphones that recognize but are "unable to connect with" my network. Concurrently, I have two other 2G iphones that live and play quite happily on my wireless network. I've also had three 3g iphones (that have since moved on to other homes) that frolicked and played happily on my network. I'd like these 2 iPhones to find new homes of their own, so if anyone has suggestions it would be much appreciated.

    I've tried rebooting my router, setting up DHCP reservations for the fickle 2gs, trying to connect while running my network protection free, restoring the phones, re-jailbreaking, restoring the settings,leeching onto the network of neighbors not clever enough to passwork up, etc. No dice. Both iPhones are out of warranty so I suppose the Apple Store will be more than willing to charge me $200 per "repair" or "replacement", but I'm not so excited about that. Plus, having a jailbroken phone without WIFI is pretty pointless and not a good selling point.

    Well, any suggestions would be appreciated, and I'll let you know how gently the Apple people try to stick it to me.
    2009-06-01 10:20 AM