1. djs09's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I've recently bought an iphone 3g off ebay, it was described as faulty and I thought I'd be able to fix it.

    Been told its not had any water damage. It has however been opened up.

    The phone is detected in iTunes. I can add music etc, I've restored the phone.
    If I make a call to the phone then I can hear the ring, but only from the OTHER phone. The iphone has no response, no vibration, no nothing.
    I can't swipe my finger across the screen to pick the call up either.

    If I move the "silent" mode switch, the phone doesn't do anything...I thought iPhones usually vibrate when you flick the switch?

    Screen is completely black, no backlight, nothing.

    I just had a quick look inside, all i did was take the front cover off, and I can see it's been put back together by an 8 year old as I can see bits of blu-tack near the home button.

    I think I'm screwed with this one. But if anyone has any idea which connector could be faulty then please say.

    As I said, the phone definately comes on as I can call it, and update it via itunes.

    All help appreciated.
    2009-06-10 03:32 PM
  2. slinky1914's Avatar
    I would first go through and make sure everything is plugged in securely and ask the ebay seller what happened mabye you'll gain a little insight from it. My iPhone now drops calls when I have 3 bars or less so I am starting by replacing antenna and go from there. I guess start from the cheapest simplest things replace and go from there. Its hard to belive its never been wet with the screen not showing. Might want to start pricing screen assemblies. Good luck let us know how it goes.
    2009-06-10 04:52 PM
  3. djs09's Avatar
    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    I don't think asking the seller will help, he seems to have different stories each time.

    I might just send it off to get it repaired through one of the adverts on ebay. Unless theres anyone on here in the UK who wants to earn a bit of cash.

    I could always try my luck with apple as its under warranty, I hear alot of people just walk in and say their scren isn't working and they walk straight back out with a new replacement.
    2009-06-10 05:04 PM