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    After dropping her iPhone 2G in the toilet (and not telling me until AFTER she tried turning it on) I had to send my girlfriend's water damaged iPhone away to have the logic board replaced. It came back working great. About 2 weeks after the repair, the screen would "flicker". About a month later, the screen started turning white. I did a hard restart, and the screen came back. I showed her how to revive it and she's been doing that for about 3 months. Now, it's getting harder to get the screen back to normal. Last night I tried a complete firmware restore and set the iPhone up as a new phone (in case of 3rd party app issues). Screen is still turning white. The problem typically happens when I bring the iphone back from sleep mode. There's no warranty (obviously due to water damage) so I can't exchange it. So, I'm looking at repairing it myself. Could this possibly be a hardware corrosion issue? or a software issue?
    2009-06-16 01:21 PM