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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vNv2nsQsgs]YouTube - my iPhone is possesed, HELP[/ame]

    i posted the link above to the video i just made to see if maybe one of you can spot the problem from the video. Im not a big gahuru with iPhones so any or all help is apreciated. thanks you for your time.

    It seems to work some of the time then sometimes it does not. Sometimes it just seems to shake the lil icons when i want to get into a program. Then it goes away, then it comes back.
    2009-06-29 04:24 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Hmmm, I would prolly start out with a restore.
    2009-06-29 04:31 AM
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    can you point me to a guide on here to restore it. Do i just do it thru normal itunes and then unlock and jailbreak again?
    2009-06-29 04:38 AM
  4. cpjr's Avatar
    2009-06-29 04:41 AM
  5. fattydakid's Avatar
    im at the your sim card does not seem to be supported by this phone. and the iTUnes symbol on the phone. where do i go for from there?

    ok i did a restore and ran redsn0w to jailbreak it, but im not sure it seems to unlock it aswell i guess not sure. but as soon as it was done i saw the tmobile symbol pop up and made a call and it worked, so far the icons and the kb are working fine. Ill let you guys know whats up tomorrow if it acts up again. Thx for the help cpjr.
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    2009-06-29 05:31 AM
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    Welp my screen is acticing up again. It was working perfectly for first night after restore and all day yesterday. Today im walking to a gamestop and pull out my phone to call and there go the buttons again acting all funny again. Please help if you can. thx in advance.

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    2009-06-30 11:03 PM
  7. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Dude, your phone has gremlins for sure. That is so weird.
    When you restored your phone, did you set it up as a "New Phone"? Do not do a shift/restore, start out fresh with a clean copy of your OS. you can always sync from a back up to get everything back.
    2009-06-30 11:15 PM
  8. fattydakid's Avatar
    Yea i just hit restore and that was it. Only thing i did after it did everything on its own was JB again with redsn0w. Could redsn0w be making my iphone act all funny? i hope its a software prob and not a hardware one to =/
    2009-06-30 11:17 PM