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    My backplate on my 3g is scratched to where it just annoys the hell out of me. First of I wanted to know if it is an easy change if I buy a replacement. And second I wanted to know if Apple could find out if I did it or not? I'm not completely familiar with the iPhone so Would it be an easy switch?
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    2009-07-07 09:20 PM
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    To replace the back of the 3g you have to remove everything from your original housing, and re fit it to the new housing precisely because many of the connections are compression from the mobo to the part in the case - so if you are a fraction out you will loose either mobile signal or maybe vibration. You also run the risk of inadvertantly damaging the mobo by static damage while you are handling it.

    To remove the 3g motherboard you have 7 small screws to remove, one of which has a do not remove sticker - if this sticker is damaged in any way your Warranty is gone - and they are real hard to lift. People have managed to do it and leave it looking good but sometimes they are stuck well over the screw and break up as you try to lift them up - if you are going to take the motherboard out of a 3g your really need to accept you will loose your Warranty.

    To be honest, if your 3g works perfect and the only reason you want to do this is to make the back look pretty then don't bother, who looks at the back of their iphone anyway? And the chances are you will end up with a pretty backed paper weight. If your really want a new back and don't want to buy a new iphone, send it to the expert:-
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    2009-07-07 09:54 PM
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    I have changed my back cover at least 3 times 2 blue, white n black they have lots of screws make sure you label them accordinly. and buy the plastic toolkit as you will need it if you dont want ruin your phones screen, i looked at a couple you tube videos of assembly. then jus went for it the key is b patient have good glue, i used oem bezel as new one wasnt compatable with glass screen chassis. i took around an hour to get it sitting flush... a nail file to remove all old glue worked for me!they come with plastic button take it from me these jus dont work that well. b very careful with antenna ribbon as this is glued too plastic cover so remove together. it sounds hard but isnt jus watch video couple time n always remove screen ribbons in order. have a magnetic screw driver n away you go.
    tool kit
    magnetic screw + screwdriver
    plastic screen removal tool
    good superglue
    n patience
    2009-07-08 12:45 AM
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    Lol sounds scarey I've changed screens and fixed many other mobiles but this sounds like surgery.
    2009-07-08 12:53 AM
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