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  1. screwy202's Avatar
    Welll my sisters iphone 3g broke and it would go to this black screen, it didn't even have the silver apple. she went to apple and they said it had water damage but that's hard to believe considering shes never dropped it in water, and it just stopped working randomly. So my sister gave it to me to work on, because i have fixed my iphone many times.

    The iphone got cleared so there was nothing on it. i turned it on and it had that picture where it tells you to plug it into to itunes, i restored it and it updates to the 3.0 software and when it says the iphone must restart, it restarted and when it came on it vibrated but no screen. it vibrates and everything but the screen is just black, like its off.

    I tried the reset where you hold the home and hold button for 10 secs. all it does is shut off the iphone. i did it a couple times with no results. It is noticed on itunes SOMETIMES after these resets, but all it says is waiting for device.

    ONCE it was like the original thing where i needed to restore the iphone, the screen was still off during this and i restored it and it changed nothing.

    just some extra info:
    my sister never jailbroke the iphone.
    When the phone broke she got a new phone so the phone doesn't have a SIM card.

    thank you for all help in advance and ill be sure to give any extra details that might be needed
    2009-07-12 06:58 AM
  2. Poseidon79's Avatar
    It's toast for sure. Apple wouldn't make up the fact it has water damage... there are 2 indicators that turn pink. One at the base of the headphone jack and another one at the bottom at the dock.
    2009-07-12 08:02 AM