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    My iPod shows the same symptoms that others have complained about: [ame=]Am I crazy? Ipod touch 2g 32G issues - Touch Arcade[/ame]. My mom's iPod Touch 8gb model does not have this problem, and it's a thing of beauty. It really, really bothers my eyes. I wondered how my mom could use her iPod for hours on end, and why I could only use it for 15 min at a time before my eyes hurt (I have 20/20 vision!). No matter how good one's vision, if the refresh rate of your screen isn't calibrated properly it's going to hurt you. Head to the above link for an in-depth description of the problem, or a picture is worth a 1000 words:


    A closer look:

    In looking for a solution/ explanation, I found that the PSP-3000 also has these crazy-annoying scan lines:

    Sony "Officially" came out with an explanation saying that this new hardware does this because it it suppose to increase the refresh rate in order to diminish ghosting. Which sounds like damage control bullshik to me. Later, some people looked at the screen under a 40x microscope and found a huge difference in the hardware (that Sony never acknowledged). "The PSP-2000 used vertically-oriented pixels. Plus, the blue pixels were light. But now, on the PSP-3000, the pixels are horizontally-oriented and feature darker blue pixels."

    After all my research, I've come to understand that this interlacing problem comes from one of two things (or both): Apple is trying to pull a quick one on the unwitting consumer by downgrading its production costs and releasing a shitty end product, or the screen is simply defective. What's worrisome is that this is a known problem that's out there and Apple has said NOTHING concerning it or explaining it! I've looked everywhere and Apple is just completely silent. At least Sony had the balls to acknowledge the problem, even if their response was only spin.

    So, my warranty for my iPod (which I got from Best Buy -- breaking my age-old oath never to buy from them again!) expired a few days ago. Now my only alternative is to go to the local Apple store and ask them for an exchange/ replacement. Do you guys think they'll uphold the warranty? Anyone else have this problem? I read the hardware warranty and it says that I'm covered for a year despite my original place of purchase.

    I'm not sure what kind of response I want to hear from you guys, I just wanted to get this news out there. If this news got HALF the coverage that was given to the PSP-3000 then perhaps it would force out a response from Apple. Or something, I don't know. I think I'm going to attempt to exchange it for a new one tomorrow. Even though I got it from Best Buy, Apple is the manufacturer, so I'm basically just cutting out the middle-man by going right to Apple, right?

    2009-07-13 06:13 AM