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    About 4 months ago I dropped my jail broken(its been jail broken since about 20 minutes after I got the phone last August) phone on the ground and cracked the glass. Even though the glass was cracked the digitizer still worked and I still had touch screen capabilities. Eventually(2 weeks ago I found a source for cheap iphone parts(idemigods.com) and bought a new glass and digitizer and took apart the phone and installed it.

    All was well, the new touch screen worked fine, except during the process I accidently buggered up the LCD panel so I needed to replace that. It arrived yesterday and I installed it.. All was well.

    But yesterday night the phone started freezing up and becoming unresponsive, rebooting itself randomly and acting stranger then normal. Its been progressively getting slower and slower up until this point so I decided the best option would be to unjail break the phone and reload the original image and load the regular Apple 3.0 OS.

    That worked fine, I even got the weird steve jobs with Russian picture show up, iTunes loaded the OS, it went back to my regular apple boot screen instead of the pineapple. But the phone was a wee bit slow, I just assumed syncing issues and the like. so anyway, I let it sit for a bit and the phone turned itself off.... and wouldn't turn back on.

    So my first instinct was something came loose inside, so I took the phone apart again, made sure my wires were connected, no loose screws and put it back together... The phone wont turn on, not even the slightest bit warm and iTunes wont detect the phone as being there.

    So as Im typing this, my phone has been hooked up to the USB cable for about 2 hours since this issue started and it decided it was going to turn back on... so WTF? It did the Apple logo, now its stuck on a white screen.

    Any idea's as to what is going on? I know Apple will be f*CKING useless as they wanted to charge me $349 to replace a $55 touch screen so I had to crack it open and do it myself(yes yes, voided warranty, I know)

    Your feedback and suggestions would be most helpful(please dont say buy a new iPhone.. pretty please)
    2009-07-15 11:24 PM