1. JERECHO's Avatar
    My mac has no problem recognizing the iPhone. It just won't restore just like every other computer I try. I've tried 5 different computers. Macs and pcs
    2009-07-21 05:41 PM
  2. iGuy's Avatar
    So I've seen - just trying to help here Buddy and get to the root of your problem.

    As you've already been told though, you were on iTunes 7 which can't be used with 3.0 (it was fine with 2.2.1 though so that is why it worked before). Now you've gone up to 3.0 you'll need iTunes 8.2.x on whatever computer you use (PC or Mac).

    But if you're still on 10.5.6 on your Mac that won't work either. 10.5.7 came out in May of this year so if you haven't updated that you're going to run into problems on that score as well.
    2009-07-21 05:54 PM
  3. JERECHO's Avatar
    So there is no way to restore my phone using a earlier firmware with a earlier version of iTunes? Because all my computers are up to date running iTunes 8.2.1
    2009-07-21 06:26 PM
  4. iGuy's Avatar
    Possibly, but that is not what you've been asking/saying.

    I'll ask once more to see if I can help - What OSX are you running?
    2009-07-21 06:41 PM
  5. JERECHO's Avatar
    The only reason I ask is that people have told me to try to restore using old itunes and old firmware. But if that won't work because I've upgraded to 3.0 I don't want to waste my time trying anymore. I looked at my mac and I am running 10.5.7
    2009-07-22 12:49 AM
  6. iGuy's Avatar
    Okay. Forget DFU mode & forget shift + Restore.

    Just connect it to your MBP and open iTunes (if it doesn't automatically). Then just click Restore to reset it to factory conditions.

    What happens then?
    2009-07-22 12:03 PM
  7. JERECHO's Avatar
    Just gives me an error 28 right after it is done extracting the 3.0 firmware.
    2009-07-22 07:38 PM
  8. iGuy's Avatar
    Error 28 seems to be quite a common problem and as far as I know no-one has come up with a concrete way of fixing it.

    You may be able to downgrade to 2.x but I can't confirm this. However, what you will need to do is downgrade iTunes to below 8 as you rightly say. From what I gather it's quite difficult to find a downgraded iTunes for OSX so you're probably better off using one of your PC's.

    Please come back if there's any progress at all with doing this, and we'll try to help you further if you get anywhere.

    Good luck.
    2009-07-22 08:21 PM
  9. JERECHO's Avatar
    I just talked to someone from apple support and explained my situation. He said error 28 is a harware failure and I would have to get a new phone.
    2009-07-23 05:19 AM
  10. kmac1622's Avatar
    I would try youtube-ing your problem because many times people have found ways to fix it just type in like Iphone frezeing or Iphone cant Restore and you can generally find your answer.
    2009-07-25 09:32 PM
  11. JERECHO's Avatar
    I had to get a new phone through apple. There is no way to restore from an error 28. it is a hardware failure in the phone itself. I have a new phone now and all is well.
    2009-07-25 10:27 PM
  12. thefish13's Avatar
    I was having the same problem it was stuck in recovery mode. DFU mode would not work. I switched it to the back USB and presto. I should have known. Thanks UG
    2009-07-25 10:45 PM
  13. thevmax's Avatar
    Back to Square 1.

    1. Uninstall previous version of iTunes first on your PC. PLUS reboot of PC before installation.
    2. Re-install iTunes 8.2.1
    3. Get fresh copy of OS 3.0GM uncorrupted and restore with iTunes 8.2.1...
    2009-07-27 11:07 PM
  14. rnmedic1839's Avatar
    Try using a direct usb port to restore the phone I just did mine with out a problem
    2009-08-02 04:03 AM
  15. roxychick1921's Avatar
    How did apple not know it was jailbroken? I've been told once it's jailbroken the warranty is void
    2010-01-26 04:05 AM
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