1. ryfoa6's Avatar
    I went swimming with my iPhone in my pocket the other day. I lifted the lcd screen up with a flat head screw driver to let it dry. I didn't lift the screen all the way because I didn't want to remove the ribbon. My phone seems to be working but there are two problems I'm having. The screen has water marks underneath it, giving it a holographic look. Is there a way I can open the screen and clean all the water stains, or am I going to have to buy a new screen? The second problem I'm having is the speaker and mic aren't working. I can make phone calls with a Bluetooth and listen to music with a headset but the exterior speaker and mic do not work. Any ideas to how I can fix this?
    2009-07-21 03:52 PM
  2. brandonloves's Avatar
    Nah, your screen is effed. I'm gonna say the rest of your phone will start to fail intermittently. I used to repair cellphones, so I know about what it looks like in there right about now. That's the bad thing about iPhones, you can't remove the battery, so when it gets wet corrosion builds up inside. If you have insurrance, you.could call and see if water damage is covered, but it's usually considered customer abuse. Sorry.
    2009-07-21 05:50 PM
  3. plcrules's Avatar
    u can listen to music and make calls thro bluetooth
    but if ur good with repairs a speaker and mic r pretty cheap
    o and srry u need a new lcd
    2009-07-21 10:43 PM