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    I needed to replace the LCD+Digitizer on my iPhone, so I followed this grainy YouTube video: [ame=]YouTube - iPhone Screen Replacement & Disassemble/TakeApart Directions[/ame]

    And I think I [ame=""]FUBAR[/ame]ed my iPhone.

    {probably used a tad too much brute force}
    Without further ado, Here are the pictures (click on them to see LARGER version):

    As you can see from the following two pictures, At the top of the board there are two cables that seem to be ripped off (or is this fine?):

    Also, As you can see from the following pictures pulled the bottom of the board (where the HOME button is located) up, and I don't think I was supposed to. That cable is severely severed:

    Also, what is this? Looks like a cable connector where the cable got ripped off but left the connector behind:

    So can I just replace that whole board and put everything back together again (with a new LCD+Digitizer)? Or should I just give up now and throw it in the trash?
    What is the name of that board? Where can I order it?

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