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    I had this idea about a type of head mounted glasses that would hold your iPhone at a distance with some type of lens between your eyes and the iPhone. This way, you could watch movies on your iPhone and it would look like the image was a lot bigger than the iPhone screen is. I made some basic sketches of my idea but of course I'm sure someone else could come up with a better design that would actually work!

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    2009-07-30 04:26 AM
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    The phone would be way to heavy for it to actually work, or be comfortable.
    2009-07-30 04:50 AM
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    There's something out there slightly similar. They are glasses that have a video input and the way the lenses are curved it gives the illusion you are looking at a 70" screen. Can't remember who makes them. But I'm sure if you had the video cable for your iPhone/iPod it would work just the same.
    But honestly the idea of it is a good one. Now you just need Billy mays to sell it.

    Found it
    ExtremeToysForBoys.com - EyeTop Centra - Wearable Video Screen (Glasses) with Audio
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    2009-07-30 04:54 AM
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    Now you just need Billy mays to sell it.
    Dont see that happening (RIP).
    2009-07-30 04:55 AM