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    I ordered a new ribbon because my old one was cracked so i thought that would be the problem on why my earpiece isent working. But apparently that wasn't the case. My earpiece still wont work and when im calling my phone still doesn't dim. Is there anything else i could check? The ribbon goes in all the way im pretty sure, not to the white line but to were it is suppose to be i would assume.
    2009-08-01 01:38 AM
  2. crazi3flip's Avatar
    have you swapped anything else?

    such as digitizer/glass screen?

    if you did you might have a crappy aftermarket glass, and the sensors aren't able to get proper light through the black (check my thread - http://www.modmyi.com/forums/hardwar...tizer-lcd.html)

    and in reference to your earpiece, are you sure its making good contact with the ribbon? is the ribbon properly in place? are you seating it in the fastener correctly?
    2009-08-01 09:09 AM
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    How did you get the "3"/"J2" ribbon off?
    I also broke it during my glass + digitizer replacement.
    Also my LCD is damaged. So I am considering getting a whole screen + LCD + digitizer + ear-speaker.
    Something like that:
    eBay Österreich: iPhone 3G Complete LCD-Touch Screen Assembly 8GB 16GB (Artikel 290314810151 endet 02.08.09 06:04:16 MESZ)
    2009-08-01 11:50 AM
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    Ya i broke my lcd too it sucked it wouldn't come up then just split down the middle, but i got the phone to work it randomly started working. Except the light sensor or whatever wont turn the phone off during calls, other than that everything seems ok. Any idea on that the ribbon is brand new why isent it working!?

    I do have an aftermarket LCD but the sensor sits to the right of the earpeice, the aftermarket LCD doesn't affect it.
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    2009-08-01 06:12 PM