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    I recently found out that two letters in my landscape keyboard does not work. After that, I did a restore, and then I turned it on the slide to unlock works. The iPhone previous/play/forward controls in the lockscreen works perfectly well. But then when I slid the slider to unlock, the "Edit Homescreen Page" pops up. When you click dismiss, it doesn't work.

    Another notes are:

    It can receive calls.
    The part (or pixels) where the "Dismiss" button works fine (tested it out with emergency call)
    Everything works perfectly fine except that dismiss button!

    So any work arounds except replacing the screen? How do you get rid of that "Edit Homescreen" popup?

    I surfed the web to find any answers. Similar questions have been posted but there were no answers. Thank you so much for the help.

    EDIT: I also did 4 restores, using redsnow .8
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    I would restore again first before you start diagnosing the hardware IMO....

    seems like something went wrong during the software restore process.....
    2009-09-01 08:14 AM