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    So I've built myself a slide-out iphone dock for my car (made from an old cd-rom drive and a kensignton liquidaux adaptor that i hacked apart). It looks sleek and works great for Pandora. However, I'd love to have the ability to make and receive phone calls through my car speakers. I'm well aware this has been brought up before and i'm well aware of bluetooth alternatives however I'm looking for total integration through the dock connector.

    Something is defintely being disabled when a phone call is placed which leads me to believe that there may be a software workaround-i can hear my calls ring and i can also hear when i dial numbers but once the call is placed-that's it.

    I found another forum post somewhere else that a few people pointed to the pinout-particular pin 21 possibly having something to do with this issue:

    [ame=http://forums.audiworld.com/showthread.php?t=2755305]Adapter to disable iPod/iPhone "Accessory Mode" - AudiWorld Forums[/ame]

    But nothing really has been resolved. Anyone heard of any other leads?
    2009-09-16 04:44 AM
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    i had a in dash dvd player with the cable that allowed this. my scenn has since then stoped working so i cant see what songs are playing or able to control the (unless doing it blind) so what i did was pull out my after market stereo and got a 3.5 mm to rca plug in and plugged it into my car stero female plug ins. i still cant see via my stereo but i can see and control the iphones ipod through my iphone now. and the part that will work for you is... i can now talk through my car stereo speakers makeing oer receiving calls! give it a try if you have a after market stereo with those plug ins. hope this works

    if you have a after market stereo you can use a 3.5 mm to rca plugin to the back of your stero and you can make and recevive calls threw your car stereo speakers
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    2009-09-23 08:05 AM
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    this is what i use... works great...

    Monster Cable - SoniTalk Microphone Headphone Adapter - Black - 123972-00

    gets sound through stereo, voice through the mic... i know its not docked that way, but its another option. good luck
    2009-09-25 11:10 AM