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    Well first of all, I cracked my glass touchscreen so i replaced it. When I took out the screen from back of my iphone i didn't disconnect the cables one by one. It just popped out. Finally when I put everything back togehter, I couldn't hear anything in the earpiece speaker and the screen doesn't turn off when i put it to my ear.
    Everything else works properly.

    I'm guessing it has to do something with cable #3.
    So my question is what is the problem and what I can do.

    Maybe when i accidently popped out the screen from my Iphone could have damaged the 3 cables that were connected. Also some that black paint is a little scratched off becuase i was using tweezers to connect cable #3. Could pressure damage the cable?-tweezers
    (Is the clip the holds cable 3 suppose to be up or down?)
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    2009-09-21 05:53 AM
  2. Cowboy's Avatar
    Yes it sounds like you damaged the cable one way or another your going to have to replace it.
    2009-09-21 06:19 AM
  3. gabe147's Avatar
    where do i buy the cable and how do i replace it?
    2009-09-21 06:23 AM
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    i am pming you a link for the cable its a little pricie tho
    2009-09-21 06:34 AM
  5. primewish's Avatar
    Where did u find ur cable? And how much was it I did the same thing.
    2009-10-24 05:46 AM