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    Hey guys, i bought this phone from my brothers friend a couple of weeks ago and i changed the cracked screen and housing because it was all messed up. i jailbroke it and now its on 3.0.1. Everything works perfectly except for the wifi... my phone gets edge and i have ok signal from t-mobile.
    The iphone only detects my router if im like 3 feet away from it, but once it finds it i can move away from it. if it disconnects for some reason, then i have to get close to the router again to find my signal. do u guys think this is a software problem or a hardware problem? any suggestions?

    should i change this

    2009-09-30 02:00 AM
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    1 - I would suggest installing stumbler to get a better understanding og the phone's WiFi sensitivity Stumbler - iphone-wireless - Stumbler - the Wireless Network Stumbler for the iPhone - Project Hosting on Google Code
    If Not OK - then you have a HW problem most likely.

    2 - If OK. The try resetting the phones network settings. And the router.
    3 - Try setting a fixed IP on the phone (works better for me)
    4 - Could be that you have interference on the WiFi subchannel - install Stumbler/WirelessMon or similar on yr PC/MAC to get a view on WiFi activities where you are. On yr router select the band with least activity.
    Do hope that helps


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    2009-09-30 03:04 AM
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    thanks for the quick answer! how do i install that app? i tried via open ssh but the app wont open on the iphone

    oh and i have reset network settings and restored the whole phone with no success...
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    2009-09-30 05:46 AM
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    i tried installing it through cydia too and it wont open... w/e i guess ill just buy the antenna replacement.
    2009-10-01 06:13 AM
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    I would open it up again and make sure you have connected the antenna to the board fully, it is the little round push fit connector top left (number six - pictured here Installing iPhone 3G GPS Antenna - Page 3 - iFixit ) and sometimes they can be tricky to get pushed in fully - that would exlain why you are picking up signal next to your router - but not when you move away from it.
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    2009-10-01 09:21 AM
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    I just opened it up and it was connected without any problems i guess ill just buy the part and hope that it fixes it
    2009-10-02 03:07 AM