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    The other night, I had to attempt to restore a phone that could not be recognized by any computer, had a broken Power button, was stuck in the "Connect to iTunes" screen. And after the battery had died, wouldn't power on after being plugged in to the wall or PC for over an hour.

    I thought all hope was lost and the phone was doomed for eBay as spare parts or worse.. Out of desperation and a very House style "light bulb" *DING* moment. I tried something crazy.

    I dipped a Q-tip into some alcohol and swabbed the iPhones connector port. (power connector port.). In hoped I could make a jump or bridge to kick the phone back on.. And it WORKED!

    The phone sprang back to life like nothing had happened. Booting right into the lockscreen and all was functioning again. Except the power button. I decided to restore anyways in hope it would fix the button. After that (and a few other issues involving the LCD screen failing and requiring a dissection of the phone!) I attempted a jailbreak. Alas. I was stuck at the "Connect to iTunes" screen again, 6 seperate computers unable to recognize the device. I waited for the battery to die again. As soon as the screen went black, I first attempted to simply leave it plugged in a little bit. No dice, no display, no nothing. I swabbed the connection again. The phone popped back on with the "dead battery" image flashing. Advising me to plug in my phone. I did so. And it began to charge once more.

    While attempting to Jailbreak the phone with no means of entering DFU mode. I had to do this swab trick 4 seperate times. Each time, bringing the phone back to, what seemed, death.

    For giggles. I even attempted this on my 3Gs while it was powered off. Yep. Turned right on.

    I am in NO WAY suggesting everyone do this. I am just forwarding my own experience in a dire situation.

    If you can not get your phone to come on after a botched attempt at restoring, jailbreak, etc. And for some reason your power button is broke or not responding AND you are out of warranty.....AND you feel you have no other options. Give this a shot. It worked for me. And I hope it will help out some others who might be on the verge of giving up
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    Only thing that brought my iphone 3GS back to life
    2012-08-27 03:02 PM