1. quiksilverhp's Avatar
    I've searched all over for a fix on my iphone screen and have come up empty handed.

    The screen ultimately doesn't turn on.. The phone makes noise, vibrates and makes noise when i plug it in the charger...

    Ok i know the trick to hold down the standby and home together for 10 - 20 secs.. everything reboots for most people and bam it works...

    My dilemma is from i don't believed my Home button is working just like the screen LCD and digitizer are not functioning.. obviously.., So i took apart the phone to check to see if it has been tampered with inside and the screw with the tape on it saying "Dont Remove!!!!!" is still in mint condition and doesn't show any tampering inside the phone...

    At one point the screen went white.. then hasn't done anything again...

    Has anyone come across the home button not working while the screen isn't working also??

    I plugged in a working screen and it didn't turn on either... Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you in advanced!!
    2009-10-19 01:36 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    2g, 3g?? Makes a big difference, but if your positive you tried a good LCD then I would say youve got a mainboard issue and may be screwed. Dunno without seeing it.
    2009-10-19 02:26 AM
  3. quiksilverhp's Avatar
    It's a 3g, 16GB. I hope it's not a bad board, is there anyway to check? It sucks because it was on for a day ... All white screen lol but it was registering after I opened it to examine if anyone had tried to tamper with it is when I haven't gotten it to turn on again.. But it makes sounds.. Grr
    2009-10-19 04:46 AM