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  1. snowman4839's Avatar
    I just fixed my 2g by replacing the motherboard and battery and I had a relatively new headphone assembly. Now I'm confused. The sound worked for a while with normal headphones... then it stopped working in one ear... then I opened it up to try and mess around with it and whatnot then I put it back together and no sound from the headphones... Now I'm led to believe that I'm slightly tearing the flex cable which makes it stop working (is that plausible?) but I've also had an idea that I need a headphone adapter. I'm not sure why but would I need an adapter or just a new headphone assembly?
    2009-10-19 05:24 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    We arent going to know.

    You need to test the headphones in something else first to make sure they are working. Then, if they arent designed to work with the first-gen iphone that has a recessed jack - they probably arent getting a good connection. If they are designed for the recessed headphone jack and you can verify the headphones are working properly - try another pair in the iphone. If it does the same thing, I would start by replacing the headphone flex cable.
    2009-10-19 05:31 AM
  3. snowman4839's Avatar
    no no no... I know my headphones work and I know they fit all the way into the jack, but I just don't get any sound through them
    2009-10-19 05:43 AM