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    So I have a damaged iPhone 3g I wanna mess around with. The glass is cracked, LCD is fine, bezel is a little scratched, back is a mess, vibrate motor isn't working, and missing the vibrate slider switch is broken. So it's a bit or work but functionally (minus vibration) works fine. I wanna change the housing color, I know cpjr did this and I think it looks great. Obviously I wanna replace the front glass, vibrate motor and switch, maybe the bezel. I've done a bit of searching and found good prices but all in different places, hoping somebody knew of an "all in one place" to save on shipping or maybe a place with a bunch of near OEM quality housings in many colors. I tend to find cheap looking ones. Also I wanna throw this out there, I don't care much about this phone, I just wanna have fun modding it. If anyone has any crazy idea's they haven't wanted to try, let me know, I'm down for pretty much anything(obviously not the "phone on fire mod" ) So any ideas, places for parts? Lets hear 'em!
    2009-11-04 02:15 AM
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    If you need parts then I have everything. But keep in mind, there are NO OEM colored housings unless you paint an OEM housing. I have just about every color however, Digitizers, flex cables, etc. PM me and let me know what you need.
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