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    Hello! I broke my iPhone 3G's LCD so I bought a new one. I replaced it by myself and everything seemed fine but when I turned on the iPhone the screen was all white. I searched for others posts but I don't think it's a software-related issue beacause the iPhone syncs with the PC (so I can exclude DFU mode). What can I do? The three flex cables seems connected well. Do you think that my new screen is already broken? Thanks in advance!
    2009-11-21 08:09 PM
  2. IUiPodRepair's Avatar
    Try a hard reset (hold the home and power button for approximately 20 seconds).
    2009-11-22 12:48 AM
  3. fattyindoors's Avatar
    sounds like hardware u need to take screen out check connections its no1 plug it may not b clicked down or uve caught one of the pins using a magnify glass and a torch look close also from touch pad from lcd see if connector other end is fine i have had this prob b4 it also can happen if u put ribbons in wrong order, checkin everythin is peice of mind it 100%

    also 3gs lcds are same as 3g but no1 connector is different if forced will work only short period as the voltage is slightly more
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    2009-11-22 01:41 AM
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    Broken LCD
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    2009-11-22 01:56 AM
  5. BigBoned91's Avatar
    thanks for the answers!
    Well, the right order for the connectors is 3,2,1 when I put them back, right?
    Even if the LCD is new I think that is broken beacause if I plug in the old LCD everything is fine... hoping that the seller takes it back..
    2009-11-22 02:44 AM
  6. fattyindoors's Avatar
    dats the right order! any good seller will hapily take it back if they want further business. dont dismantle lcd as this will upset them!
    2009-11-22 03:20 AM