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    I have an iphone 3g and did some internal modifications, however like most first-time iphone openers I wasn't prepared for the recoil from using the suction cup to get the screen off and it yanked into two parts. The cable #1, #2 and #3 are intact, as well as the mainboard connector where #3 goes into. The LCD and digitizer work perfect but I can't seem to get the ribbon cable in all the way, from what I can tell. There's a J2 marker on the ribbon itself that seems to indicate how far into the port on the mainboard the cable should go, but I've lifted the lock on the mainboard connector and pushed the cable in with a pliers and tweezers and can't seem to get it in. Now my headset earpiece audio is null and the proximity sensor is not working either.

    I've already ordered 2 replacement ribbon proximity cables just to be prepared (they're cheap) but I was wondering if anyone brave enough to open their 3g phone and take a picture of this ribbon cable while it's plugged in how it should be could post some pictures here for me! I just need to know how it should look normally and can't find pictures anywhere of it actually plugged in!

    Any help would be very much appreciated!!!

    2009-11-23 01:19 AM
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    It doesnt go in all the way to that line.

    You stripped it, it just needs to be replaced with one of the ones you just ordered.
    2009-11-23 01:27 AM
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    It doesnt go in all the way to that line.

    You stripped it, it just needs to be replaced with one of the ones you just ordered.
    I know the definition of the word stripped and how that could apply to my situation but what gives you that impression? That's good to know it isn't supposed to go in all the way but you mean I hurt the ribbon with the pliers or something else?

    Thanks again!!

    How does the dock on the mainboard hold the cable in? The lock on it just seems to pivot up and down but doesn't appear to grasp the ribbon down in any way, it can just pull out again. To the best of my examinations the dock is perfectly intact but I can post pictures if anyone can provide any light to how the dock works!
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    2009-11-23 01:54 AM
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    That pivot piece clasps the ribbon....and it is VERY easy to strip that ribbon messing with it.

    Simple answer: If your speaker, proximity sensor are no longer working....the cable is damaged. 100%.

    PS- I would tell you have many of them I have fixed....but Ive lost count.
    2009-11-23 02:22 AM
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    What he said! Your cable is damaged. Good thing is you can safely replace it with or without removing the glass digitizer.

    Trust me I've done it both ways and without is much easier and in your case, more economical since you don't' have to order separate adhesive strips either!

    Just be gentler next time you open up your phone bro. Especially when you do this repair! Pay attention to detail and give yourself enough time and you should be fine.
    2009-11-24 07:47 AM