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    So this is an update on my iphone 2g battery replacement gone wrong. SO....

    The first time i replaced the battery, got everything done without a problem, plugged it in and it would turn off after about 10 seconds. Reinstalled it, same problem, figured bad battery. Couple weeks later took the battery out, plugged it in and it started up just fine. Battery showed completely empty as expected. Installed the battery again, plugged it in and it turned all the way on!! Success!!! or so i thought... Once on it showed fully charged battery on lock screen and status bar icon, "charged" for awhile, unplugged and turned off. Also randomly freezes and turns off after about ten minutes of charging. My guess is it's a bad battery, hoping to get some other ideas before i buy a new one. Fried the phone maybe?

    Also i made the stupid mistake of cutting the original battery leads too short so i cant test it.

    Any input please?

    Thank you

    Another update: Soldered leads to the old battery and hooked it up, worked (somewhat) like a charm. So the problem was the battery. Except now i think i may have fried the comm board. Booted up, gave me the phone cant make calls, etc warning and told me to restore, did that and got error 1011. Got it up using blackra1n, still no wifi. Does my assumption sound correct?

    Final Update: Figured it out that night, thought I'd share the solution in case anybody needed to know. Turns out the comm board won't work unless a working battery is soldered into place. I was using the phone without a battery until I could get a new one. Put the old battery in for kicks and there it went. Everything was functional. The end, hope somebody else benefits from my typing, testing, and soldering.
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