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    Hello all,
    I've been reading this website for a couple of months and now and wow, so much information in here. Thanks for that.

    I have a question/problem and was hoping to get some insight on what you guys thing.

    I was in a meeting when my phone when off (was on ringer) and then I immediately reached in my pocket and tried to put it on silent.

    Well, in the process of doing so, my vibrate tab apparently broke.

    I thought, ok no big deal, I have heard and read of so many people that had this problem and apple fixed/replace it for them.

    I made an appointment with my nearest apple store and went in. Told them what had happened and asked if they could repair it for me.

    My 3G is still under the 1 year warranty as well.

    Here's the twist though, I had dropped this phone in some water within the first month I owned the phone. However I dried it completely and never had a problem. I have used it ever since with ZERO problems and been great to me.

    The guy at the apple store comes and tells me sorry, this is water damaged. Now I didn't know if there was a water sensor that was triggered. When the incident had happened, I noticed that my top water sensor was still white and didn't think anything of it. Turns out 2 of the button ones are triggered.

    Now, I understand that apple does not warrant water damaged phones but I am upset that he opened it when my issue with the vibrate button. I could understand if I told him my iPhone was not working but this wasn't the case. It works 100% perfect and I never complained about that. I simply wanted the vibrate tab fixed

    Needless to say I tried to explain that to him but no luck. I know someone had the same issue and had 1 sensor triggered and apple still replaced it for him.

    So here's what I'm wondering, am I SOL? Do they record in the system that they technician told me? I would like to try a different store I guess. Is there a way to find out what's written?

    What do you guys suggest. It just frustrates me that they won't fix the tab when it's completely irrelevant to having a water sensor triggered.

    Thanks in advance. Cheers
    2009-12-20 06:48 AM
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    Your warranty is void if the water sensor is damaged.
    2009-12-20 07:01 AM
  3. Melech518's Avatar
    Your warranty is void if there is any water damage. Yes it is put into the computer and recorded with your serial number. Your best bet is to repair the tab yourself or have a professional do it. If you cannot do it yourself or do not want to attempt it, you can PM me.
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    2009-12-21 02:48 AM