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  1. iphoooone3g's Avatar
    hi guys

    my screen shattered because it dropped so i ordered a replacement for it from ebay and put it back together using the videos i saw online.

    so everything works fine, touchpad is fine, home and power button works, music works, speakers in the bottom work, headphones work, basically everything works except the earpiece.

    when i make a call or someone calls i have to use speakerphone otherwise no sound comes out of the earpiece, they can hear me perfectly fine when speakerphone is off but of course i can't hear them back because the earpiece is dead.

    i don't want to open up the phone because i have absolutely no idea which part of the iphone concerns the earpiece.

    also, the sensor works because when the phone is close to my ear it's off and when i put it away from my ear the screen comes back on again, so i know the sensor is fine.

    one last thing to mention is when i put the phone close to my ears and the sensor activates i can briefly hearing a very faint hiss noise coming from the earpiece, that's about the only sound coming.

    it's just the damn earpiece. any suggestions or know what's wrong, sorry for the long post?
    2010-01-09 06:15 PM
  2. wilddog's Avatar
    Exact same thing happened to me today. It relates the the first (number 3) cable (the hardest one to put back when putting the phone together again. Check to make sure it has been inserted fully, aybe use some tweezers or something. If that doesnt work for me, im gonna try my chances at the apple store.
    2010-01-09 08:12 PM
  3. Melech518's Avatar
    You may have just damaged the earpiece itself when removing the digitizer. It can be repaired if you have eliminated that the proximity sensor is working.
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    2010-01-10 10:55 PM
  4. sammyvegas's Avatar
    I had the exact same thing happen to me. I tried troubleshooting everything for hours. Finally, I came across someone on a message board that said the earpiece is connected with the #3 cable. It MUST be inserted all the way in with the that little black panel locked down. After I did this and it worked, my day suddenly got a whole lot better.... Hope this helps anyone else...
    2010-04-17 09:45 PM
  5. Gyngabread Man's Avatar
    recheck your cable 3 connetion that will most likely fix it
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    2010-04-21 04:44 PM
  6. Jesse888's Avatar

    Same issue with a iPhone 5.

    New screen from ebay, (cause i dropped a snowboard on it)

    muffled sound.

    I then replaced the speaker - no joy

    replaced the cable for speaker, camera and what not - no joy

    Pushed a needdle through the mesh on the replacement screen allowing the sound from the speaker go to my ear - AMAZING!!!

    no joke, lived with muffled sound for 2 months

    Hope this helps.

    2014-01-22 09:23 PM