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    possibly wrong section there are so many factors i didn't know exactly where to go.

    Jailbroken on 3.1.2 via blackra1n and unlocked with redsn0w ultrasnow ultra rain idk it doesnt matter. it seems my phone likes to break itself while i sleep one day i woke up to a broken home button, kind of a set back but good thing i had sbsettings, today however i wake up to find my phone nonresponsive to touch. i do not think it is a digitizer problem as my phone has frozen randomly before today however i have no home button to perform a hard reboot. I have gotten it from normal mode (frozen) to recovery mode (still unkown if its responsive) by using a program which boots into dfu. however it did not go into dfu only recovery mode. i can turn the phone on and of how ever many times i want and it will still be there plug into itunes screen not yellow triangle. itunes does recognize when i connect to the computer however ibrickr ziphone and iliberty do not. If anyone knows of a program/gui that can help it would be greatly appreciated.

    My parents didn't pay for my iPhone.
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    2010-01-14 04:25 PM
  2. jadi929's Avatar
    theres a program called "irecovery" which can help u get out of recovery mode

    just google "get out of recovery mode irecovery" and u shud easily find a tutorial on it
    2010-01-15 09:47 PM
  3. j3wbagell's Avatar
    i saw that and was having some issues with getting it set up on my computer every time i opened it it would load up and shut down

    My parents didn't pay for my iPhone.
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    2010-01-16 07:58 PM
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    I assume its a 3G cuz blackrain is for 3G/3gS only. Do you have alot of media taking up alot of disk space? You need to turn off Edge and 3G via your sbsettings and then run the programs you mention. Try to restore in itunes by holding shift-restore and select the custom ipsw or alt/option(mac) and click restore and select the custom ipsw try building one with pwnage tool.
    2010-01-18 02:36 AM
  5. j3wbagell's Avatar
    well its stuck in recovery mode so i cant turn anything off. it is a 3g i am using windows 7. i have a bit of music bot not too much for a 16gb to handle. i also do not have a home button at this time so restoring to a firmware w/o sbsettings will prove fatal in the end. Is there something that i missed when in stalling with windows 7 i tried to follow the vista instructions but got lost easily.

    My parents didn't pay for my iPhone.
    *If i help you hit that "Thanks" button for me*
    2010-01-18 05:38 PM