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  1. ashBOOMcashh's Avatar
    when i first got my iphone, it was vibrating when i receive messages but now it has stopped. ive tried to download several different apps via cydia but nothing has helped. i was thinking maybe ive downloaded something thats interfering with the vibratio settings. can someone please help me with this?
    2010-01-18 11:30 PM
  2. battlecrushr's Avatar
    Pls don't make two threads on the same topic
    but like I said go to settings
    and make sure vibrate is on
    2010-01-18 11:34 PM
  3. ashBOOMcashh's Avatar
    i posted it twice because i fixed my info on the top right hand corner && ive checked that already. thats common sense
    2010-01-19 12:36 AM
  4. battlecrushr's Avatar
    Well sry but that's not an excuse for postin twice.
    Well i hope u find an answer
    2010-01-19 12:47 AM