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    It is spotless inside and out. few little scratches to the case, but that's it. I picked it up for myself broken off of ebay. I got my wife a broken white 16gb that I replaced the LCD on and it is good to go. However, mine is a little more complicated. It will not power up. Inside, everything is original. Someone has attempted to mess with or change something because the "do not remove sticker on the logic board has been tampered with. However, the board is spotless and has not been opened or tampered with itself (atleast no signs of it). No water damage (stickers are white).

    Well, it won't turn on, reboot, charge, recognize itunes, nothing. No DFU, restore mode, nothing. Tried all that. I ordered a new battery, and just in case, a connector port/flex cable. Does anyone have any other ideas or experience in what direction to go? I sure hope it is one of the two things I am trying and not the logic board. Is there any way to rule that out, or am I going in the right direction? I don't want to keep dumping 10 dollars here, 20 dollars there when the board could be bad. The thing is so darn clean and spotless there are no signs of abuse. Then again, I guess someone who sells and repairs these could just piece together some clean parts that are broken into a good case and say it just dont work. Right? lol
    2010-01-19 08:56 PM
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    What happens when you plug it into the mains charger rather then a computer?
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    @c0ff33a and @PhoneMainiac
    2010-01-19 11:19 PM
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    nothing. just now got the new battery in the mail. temporarily put it in without adhereing it to the case and threw a couple screws in the motherboard to try it out. would not come on, but it got HOT HOT HOT! darn near to hot to touch. hurried up and took it out. seems to be something more serious than i care to take on. oh well, better luck next time i guess.
    2010-01-19 11:34 PM