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    So a couple nights ago, I was listening to music through my external speakers that I had my iPhone plugged into. When I removed the speaker cord, just like removing any headphones, no extra force or anything, the plug came out without the tip on it. The metal tip of the plug is now stuck in the bottom of my iPhone headphone jack. I tried once sticking the rest of the plug back in seeing if it would "pick it up" and stick back together but no luck.

    I called Apple Care considering my phone is still under warranty. I told them what happened, and the lady told me to make an appointment with a genius and that since it is still under warranty they will first look and see if they can get the piece out and if not they will replace the device right there UNDER WARRANTY. I got off thephone with her, made an appointment at the closest Apple Store (80 miles away) and left for there after class.

    After sitting two hours in traffic and finally getting there, the genius told me he would see if he could get it out. He took it to the back and couldn't do it, so he told me I had two options. Either take the other end of the plug and put a bit of super glue on it, stick in in the port, let it sit and try to pull it out. ($700phone and all they can do is tell me to stick super glue in my headphone jack??) My other option was a $199 out of warranty replacement, because he told me that it was not a manufacturer defect and I did this physically to the phone. I was fed up, and called Apple Care once again after leaving the store. The lady I then spoke to was shocked by this and told me they should have replaced the device in warranty. I explained to her that I treat thisphone as gold, you can't find a scratch or ding on the thing. She told me to hold as she spoke with her supervisor. She came back on 15 mins later and told me it's up to the apple store to determine whether it is physical damage or a defect and that she is sorry, there's nothing she can do.

    What am I supposed to do now? Nearby iPhone repair places are looking at 45.00 just to remove the debris, and they still have to take thephone apart for that, voiding the warranty. My iPhone is stuck in headphones mode and only works on speakerphone.I can't hear anything if it's not on speakerphone. I'm in college receiving calls about internships and business opportunities, and I can't be answering all my calls on speakerphone. Any input would be much appreciated, thanks so much and sorry for the block of text!
    2010-02-03 08:31 PM
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    Sounds like a bunch of bs on apples part i would jut try to find a way to pull it out with something. i mean if there going o belike that there is nothing u can do. though the phon is in warrenty
    2010-02-03 09:02 PM
  3. Dennis916's Avatar
    I don't think you would be able to pull it out. You can take it apart and push it out through the bottom hole of the jack.
    2010-02-04 12:40 AM
  4. Melech518's Avatar
    Disassemble the phone. Remove the Headphone flex cable completely from the phone, pull back the flex cable gently from the headphone jack(note:it is not meant to separate completely so do not rip or force it). Then with a toothpick or paperclip, push the broken piece out from the bottom of the jack. It shouldn't be too difficult to do.
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    2010-02-04 01:08 AM