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    Did a little practice run on my 3g before I order the replacement parts to fix my camera and home button. I disassembled everything an fount the small bit of corrosion where the two prongs for the home button make contact and a small amount of corrosion on the camera terminals. I was actually kind of hoping the camera would start working again because I cleaned the terminal but no such luck. Home button works just about the same. I just figured I would make sure I could do the replacement before I bought the parts. I can't believe I haven't killed this poor iPhone yet!!!

    Can anyone recommend a cleaner to use on the connectors? Is regular electronic contact cleaner ok?
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    Electronics contact cleaner is fine and about the best.
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    Well I got the replacement dock and cAmera today. Everything went well except I got some electronics spray cleaner under the screen and it's blotchy now. Also camera still does not work. There was a small amount of corrosion on the main board connector which I cleaned off but I think it may have already ruins one of the printed circuits. Oh well.
    Is there a way to seperate the display from the digitizer to clean it without breaking it?

    Update: ok so I pulled the display and wiped it down but still blotchy. The spray must have eaten into the screen or something. On the bright side my up volume button works perfectly now. I wonder how many times you can pull the screen before the flex cables finally give up.

    This camera thing is bugging me. I know I should just leave it alone before I kill this poor thing
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