1. Lloyd Owen's Avatar
    Hell guys!

    im back with another problem, this iphone is turning out to be a phone hell!!

    Ok so i fixed the home button problem and fixed the digitizer and also fixed the earpiece problem ( had to get it soldered by my local phone shop ) NOW i have another problem !!

    Ok so here's the problem, recently the screen has been going funny like the colours die, with horizontal line's, but if i tap the phone against my hand or push down on the top right corner of the front fascia, it goes back to normal ? I'm almost sure its the LCD but i haven't touched it. Why would it do this for no reason? Any advice? i've tried a restore with nothing, also another thing i should tell you was when i was fiddling about with the cable the screen was flickering .. white/ different colors, but now i can't even get that, im borrowing my friends iphone again tomorrow so i can swap lcd's to make sure that, that is the actual problem. i will report back with further details. any help would be appreciated.

    2010-02-11 01:02 AM
  2. Melech518's Avatar
    It is the LCD Connection. Cable #1. The connection is most likely loose which is why it seems resolved when you press the upper right corner.
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    2010-02-11 01:29 AM
  3. Effenpig!'s Avatar
    I had the same thing. Just like melech said if cable 1 isn't perfectly seated it will cause this issue. You have to watch because if it isn't firmly seated it can pop off when you close the phone
    2010-02-13 11:35 PM