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    I'm desperately looking for a fix...
    I bought my 2G iPhone (8Giga) from eBay. It was stuck on a restore phase so the old owner sold it as fault. By switchinh it in DFU mode I was able to fix it with a complete jailbreak and unlock process.
    Everything was fine but the battery life: too short! (no more than 2 hours with a full charge)
    I've ordered a new battery and, when arrived, I did the the replacement using all the care for it.
    Then, I've verified that all was OK (the phone switch on normally...) and I closed it.
    When I began to use it, I've seen that the wifi wasn't ok. The scanning process can't find any signal (but with the notebook the signal was good & strong).
    I've checked all cable and flat connection and it seems all OK.
    What could I look for to fix it?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    (please, excuse for my "poor" english language... I'm from Italy)

    I did a swap of the wifi antenna cable (the two white wires with small plugs at the ends) from another faulty 2G iPhone (defective flatcable) which is waiting to came back to life again...
    I have to say that removing the old cables and soldering the "new" one without a melt of it wasn't so easy... but with a little attention could be done.
    About one hour and the work was done and... the wifi WORKS AGAIN!
    What happened before? probably when I did the battery replacement, on putting back the rear cover, the antenna cable was pinched and interrupted internally. No wifi signal, no connection.
    But now all was OK.
    I hope this could help somebody with same problem...
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