1. secks's Avatar
    earlier today my iphone 3g wont charge anymore .. it doesn't matter if i plug it into the wall or the 'puter .. ive checked the cable on other phones and it's good .. occasionally the phone will have the "accessory not compatible" popup like i have it plugged into an old charger when there's nothing even hooked up to it .. my first instinct is to replace the dock connector .. i'm just wondering if anyone has any insight into the problem .. i've taken the phone apart and cleaned the port out and checked the ribbon connections .. everything looks fine .. it's hard to see into the port to make sure all of the wire's are in the proper place but it's almost as if two wires are touching .. how else would it think a cable is connected .. has anyone seen this issue before? I NEED TO CHARGE MY PHONE
    2010-02-19 11:35 AM
  2. Melech518's Avatar
    Always try restoring prior to messing with the hardware. If the problem continues I would change the Dock Connector in a flash. The could easily be the root of your problem.
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    2010-02-20 03:31 AM