1. romazzino's Avatar
    thank you very much mike, i appreciate it ! M.
    2010-03-28 01:10 AM
  2. Mars478's Avatar
    You're a legend. I just ordered an Orange Back Cover, and I think that's impressive! You're amazing.
    iPhone 4, Yellow Custom Glass, 32GB, 4.3.3, non-working home button. And a prototype iPhone 4 White.
    Main Computer:MacBook Unibody Plastic, 2.26GHZ, 4GB RAM, 250x2GB, Red glowing Apple.
    Water Damaged iPhone? Don't throw it away; iPhone Motherboard washing tutorial!!! (PM me I will do it for you)
    2010-03-28 08:18 PM
  3. Zecus's Avatar
    Hey Martin what CAD program did you use? Would you wanna share your files? I'd be curious to see if this could be rapid-prototyped and then casted.
    Ive created the CAD file and it is possible to print and cast it. Ive tried it in silver.
    2010-08-25 10:21 PM
  4. Moris87's Avatar
    I have iphone 3g this is really very nice and i love my phone very much and so that for more protection of my phone i am searching for its covers. Please help me and upload some images for this.

    iphone 3gs covers
    2010-12-23 07:18 AM
  5. peterandrew's Avatar
    Thanks a lot for this great conversation for the custom metal iphone.I was searching for this from a long time. Will you
    please give me some more information for its cover ?

    iphone 3gs covers
    2011-01-05 08:57 AM
  6. Zecus's Avatar
    We managed to get the iPhone 3GS made in Silver, we are also in the process of creating a solid metal iPhone 4 back.
    Attached Thumbnails custom metal iphone-iphone4-plain.jpg   custom metal iphone-03.jpg   custom metal iphone-img00322-20100507-1036.jpg  
    Last edited by Zecus; 2011-01-19 at 04:11 PM.
    2011-01-18 05:20 PM
  7. wolk72's Avatar
    Keep it up!
    2011-01-20 12:19 AM
  8. julianm0808's Avatar
    how are you doing Martin Schrotz, I hope that you are alright, I am texting you because i want to ask you a couple of questions related with your mod that you builded, in my view this mod is fantastic and I think you should definitely sail those for sort of mod, if you change your mind and you decided to sail those things I am the first person that want to buy one of those mod, please let me know and i would love change me mod as well as you

    2011-03-16 05:25 PM
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