1. gguerra's Avatar
    I have a 3Gs and it went into restore loop (after pressing both buttons) it starts with the white apple and loops on and off but never stopping showing the apple sign. I read on one of the posts about leaving buttons pressed until a USB and iTunes logo appears. It does, but when I connect it to the iTunes software it wants to restore it with the new 3.1.3 software. I dont want to lose my unlocked/jailbroken status. How can I restore to 3.1.2 without iTunes trying to install 3.1.3? I CANT USE MY CELL! Thanks
    2010-03-09 01:45 AM
  2. z3r01's Avatar
    well did u have it jailbroken on 3.1.2 and if u did, did it save u a shsh file? of so, then u should follow the process in the guide section on restoring 3GS with saved shsh file

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    2010-03-09 02:15 AM
  3. Brinky's Avatar
    Mine does that every once in awhile. If I connect it to my computer via USB with iTunes open and leave it sit for 10-15 minutes it comes back. Don't press buttons, just have patience. At least this works for me. No clue why....
    2010-03-09 02:28 AM
  4. gguerra's Avatar
    Thanks for your replys. Unfortunately I bought the phone aleeady jailbeoken ans I dont have the copy od the shsh file. I had to update it to 3.1,3, so there went my jailbroken and unlockedness. Is there a way to jailbreak the new version?
    2010-03-09 08:15 PM
  5. systdow666's Avatar
    you maybe have just set a bad file in ur raw file system causes boot loop i have gone through 3 3gs over bad files but i still want to find a way to fix this with the return method
    2010-03-10 07:25 AM