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    So I have a iPhone 3GS that works fully... place calls, recieve calls, blah blah blah... except nothings shows up on the screen. I can even take screen captures while connected to the computer, and load what is supposed to show on the screen in screen captures!

    I have replaced the LCD, and tested both LCDs in different iPhone 3GS's and they both work fine. However, both only show white. Even while booting... if anything is 'supposed' to show on the screen, it just shows all white.

    I tried the Hard Reset trick, 40 times in a row, actually, no luck. Tried Jailbreaking, throught the process and afterwards, no such luck, it only shows white.

    Since this phone was not jailbroken before, I can't do a restore, however, if the consensus is a restore is needed, I can go through the process of screen captures to install Cydia and doing the "Make Life Easier" button in Cydia and then try a restore... but I feel like there is a real solution someone has done out there that I could try before that.

    P.S. This is not my personal phone, mine is Jailbroken and hacked to the max... this phone is my friends that I'm trying to restore for her... If I fix it I get 'some special treatment' if ya know what I mean... SO PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    2010-03-10 08:10 AM