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    I have a water damaged 3g that I'm trying to repair. The screen is white with vertical lines. Itunes recognizes it fine and it will recieve calls. The lcd is cracked and sometimes you can see the display very faint. The digitizer didn't work at all. I ordered the new glass and digitizer and also a new lcd. I recieved the glass first so thought I would get that replaced thinking I would be able to see the menu but after the install it is still the same. I'm not sure anymore if replacing the lcd will make the digitizer work. Am I right on this? Is the motherboard fried?



    Update: Just replaced the lcd. Now I can see the image better but still not good and there are vertical flashing lines on it. Now I'm sure it's the mobo. I'll take it completely apart and clean every connector but don't think that will do anything. So I have about 50 bucks into it so far. Might look around CL or bay for a junked phone with good mobo.

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    2010-03-20 12:00 AM
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    With a tooth brush semi-hardly brush across the whole mobo. Just a bare toothbrush.
    Worked for me with an iPhone with a flickering screen.
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    I ended up selling on cl and got another one. My neck was sore from looking down taking that fricken thing apart so many times trying to get it to work.

    Thanks for the replies,

    2010-03-22 01:38 PM
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    U got lines on LCD cause u didn't install it properly lol, and if u replaced the LCD it won't bring the digi to work.
    2010-03-23 05:13 AM
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    I think I did mess up the LCD but the digi install went pretty smooth I thought so that should have at least worked. It did go for a swim for 5 mins .
    2010-03-23 11:39 AM
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    It was a water damaged iPhone, the logic board most likely had corrosion hence why your LCD did not work.
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