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    finallyy after the second replacement of the digitizer its working. so yea i order my new one off ebay from that tallpc guy as recomended before and it works perfectly
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    2010-04-14 12:08 AM
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    I looked for tallpc and ibreakufix on ebay but could not find them. Does anyone know of specific sellers who have reliable digitizers? im looking to get the kit for < 20
    Wanna-be coder/iphone user since '08
    2010-05-09 06:31 PM
  3. nick303's Avatar
    2010-05-10 02:32 AM
  4. madrigal77's Avatar
    I've got the same problem. I'm glad to hear the new digitizer fixed the problem. I guess I'll try that too. I also broke the little lever off of cable #3. Will it still work ok without the lever? Also, I don't seem to be getting any sound from the external speaker.
    2010-05-10 07:27 AM
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    *bump* Anyone?
    2010-05-11 08:18 AM
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    I think that the locking lever is not necessary, but i wouldn't be suprised if your using it and it ends up coming undone eventually.

    However you will probably need to drop it or knock it good for it to come out.

    As for the speaker, not too sure. sorry.
    2010-05-12 04:40 AM
  7. momad's Avatar
    just make sure the cable clicks when u insert it in its place
    that was my problem after replacing the digitizer
    but i got it to work
    2010-05-15 07:21 PM
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    i can not get the two little black clips for the digitizer cable to go back on, should the digitizer work anyway
    2012-01-27 07:14 PM
  9. scottyk's Avatar
    Camera cable, I seriously doubt it. It wouldn't surprise me if the digitizer flex cable failed or was defective from the start. Unfortunately, many of the digitizers sold on eBay and other places are crap. It may cost a few bucks but buy from a reputable source. I would go for it and buy another new digitizer.

    Oh, you might as well order a new camera while your at it . You know, two birds with one stone and all that

    be super careful with the little locking lever on the #3 connector, after a few assembly/disassembly cycles mine snapped, and that is not a food time!!
    I have a problem with my new screen after i replaced it only half the screen is sensitive to my fingers. Also after a few disassembles my No 3 clip on the logicboard connector broke.
    Did you ever manage to fix your clip somehow. What does it do any way? Or is it a new logicboard required.

    many thanks
    2013-02-09 06:28 AM
  10. seldom|seen's Avatar
    I've done a number of digitizer replacements now across the spectrum of iPod, iPad, iPhone and other smartphone-type devices and they are all uniquely challenging in their own way.

    But, like the last answer, I'd agree that a key step in a successful replacement is making sure that not only are the ribbon connectors seated properly and securely, but also that they STAY THAT WAY through the reassembly process. I just did an iPod 4G and I know what a properly seated ribbon feels like. Despite the challenge of seating form the underside of the panel that I couldn't remove entirely, I did obtain a click fit on the thin touch ribbon. However, as I reassembled the phone a very small portion of the thin black digitizer is forced to bend against the housing (by design) and this would cause the connector to come free just as it was set back in place . A small copper adhesive strip present on the original, but absent on the iPod I was fixing (previously fixed by someone less attentive) would probably have held it inand made this a 10-minute job instead of a frustrating hour (or so).

    Mimicking what I saw in an instructional video, I made my own piece of adhesive backer using Reflectix metal duct tape. With this strip of tape in place, firmly holding the connector in position against the force of the ribbon conforming to the case during reassembly, I was able to get a successful test on the touch before reassembling.

    I would venture to guess that many of these "non-funtioning touch screen" posts are a product of poorly positioned ribbon connectors OR more likely, connectors that were snapped in place properly, but came free during reassembly. I would also suggest adding a single Z accordion fold to the black digitizer ribbon, keeping it from resting under the digitizer back which will cause pressure on the display and create an irritating pressure hot spot. You'll know it when you see it.

    Good luck, and be patient even as you back out the multitude in minuscule screws for the umpteenth time....
    2013-09-24 11:57 PM
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