1. Joefinny's Avatar
    So stupid me unplugged the cable from the main board while the iphone was on , after plugging it back in the vibrate, volume and hold switch dont work, tried resetting, restarting, and restoring and got nothing. Ordered a new one off ebay which will take a week to get here. Just wanted to know if I have to do anything specific to install the new one besides make sure the phone is off or if doing this in the first place would have caused any other issues with the phone?, thanks in advance to anyone who knows...
    2010-03-23 05:09 PM
  2. Melech518's Avatar
    There are 2 different types of flex for the 2G depending on your logic board. Make sure you ordered the right one or else you may have some issues.
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    2010-03-24 03:11 AM
  3. Joefinny's Avatar
    yea i checked and matched it to the number on the broken one (the one thing i did right ) but i want to make sure i didnt break anything else as a result of unplugging it while the phone was on...
    2010-03-24 05:38 AM