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    I am repairing an iPod Touch that has been in my shop once before for Digitizer Replacement.
    Now it's in the shop for not accepting charge/Sync. I tried Restoring it etc, and found that it's a hardware problem. I took it apart, plugged it in- nothing. Then I applied pressure on the connector and it charges. But if I release the pressure it does not. Since this iPod does not belong to me, and the owner's are from a family that really don't want to buy another iPod, I have thought about devising some kinds of shim that will Under the Digitizer Assembly. I know this is a cheap-y repair, and shouldn't be done, but this family is in last ditch mode. From my observation the iPod Cable was forced the wrong way incorrectly, which messed up the connection.
    So please share your ideas, on how to avoid paying 150$+ on a new mobo and making a shim repair. Once again, this is not my iPod, I am repairing it.
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    2010-03-23 10:26 PM