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    I have an apple iPhone 3g 8gb running on 3.1.3 firmware on the 5.12.01 baseband.

    my issue I have is that my wifi is grayed out, and my 3g data also doesnt work. It keeps saying I dont have 3g data package when I do have one.

    I got this iphone about a week a ago for free my cousin. I restored and updated to completly delete all of his information. Before I even did that the wifi was grayed out. I was guessing I just needed to update to fix it.

    I have tried everything... reset the network settings, all settings and deleted all the data too, but nothing seems to work.

    I got the wifi sensor inside of it replace, and still doesnt work.

    Do you guys know anything I can do to maybe fix the problem.

    my warranty is expired so apple wont replace it.


    I downgraded to 3.0 to jailbreak and unlock to see if would help and didnt so I just updated and restored back up to 3.1.3
    2010-03-24 04:06 PM
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    Could be a hardware issue or...

    You need to have an iphone 3G data package to have data and ATT may need to re-provision your account.
    2010-03-24 04:31 PM
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    So you got the Wi-Fi Chip replaced? Uh uh. No, you would have a logic board replacement.
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    2010-03-27 04:34 PM