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    i have bought wrecked up iPhone 2G of fleebay. i have managed to get it working, i can make phone calls, take pictures, listen to music, surf the internet... well everything. BUT...
    screen keeps turning on. twice in a minute. for 15 seconds, screen goes on, you can see the unlock button, you can unlock it, if you leave it like that, it turns off, but in 15 seconds it turns on again...
    Now, is it faulty proximity sensor? i have changed back housing for a different one, as i have some spare, but problem persist.
    i dont thing its software problem, as i have installed latest firmware, i have JB it, have downgraded firmware to lower version, i have tried almost everything (apart from using a heavy hammer on it)to get it working properly. battery lasts about 12 hours, thats it. it needs recharge twice a day.
    i would be very thankfull for any ideas, what could this be.
    thank you for your help guys...
    2010-03-26 12:58 AM