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  1. playinwdykes's Avatar
    Hi there

    I have replaced my dock on my iphone 3G. This has worked fine. However, I no longer have motion sensing/ earpiece working.

    Through research, I can see this is probably due to cable 3 (I had difficulty getting it in). I have ordered a new cable which should be here tomorrow.

    I cannot find many instructions on how to reinstall this? Is it a question of flicking the black box up and sticking the cable in place? Do I have to remove the LCD screen to do this or can I just flip it off the back of the front panel.

    Cheers- love the site
    2010-04-08 12:09 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    With a small flat-head screwdriver you can "pop" the cable out of the screen assembly if you place the screwdriver in the proper spot. Takes 3 seconds. Then snap the new one in its place.
    2010-04-08 12:11 AM
  3. playinwdykes's Avatar
    Thanks for the quick response - where is the best place to put screwdriver? Cant find any tutorials
    2010-04-08 12:26 AM
  4. cpjr's Avatar
    bottom and pry away from center downward.
    2010-04-08 12:31 AM
  5. playinwdykes's Avatar
    Thanks, and to clarify I can take the front of the iphone off and do not to take screen or anything else off?
    2010-04-08 12:35 AM
  6. cpjr's Avatar
    Yup. From start to finish I can replace that cable in 3 minutes.
    2010-04-08 12:37 AM
  7. dvn821's Avatar
    Cpjr can you fix iphones with low or no signal?
    2010-04-08 08:43 AM
  8. Effenpig!'s Avatar
    That's kind of a loaded question

    lots of variables, including whether you've ever had the phone apart or not
    2010-04-08 09:09 AM
  9. Gorgos's Avatar
    we are talking about this cable right?


    i broke the cable labelled "3" today :/
    2010-04-08 11:40 PM
  10. dzel18's Avatar
    Not to jump in the middle here, but I was doing a full LCD/Digitizer replacement tonight, and managed to break the little black clasp and white holder (see attached's the red arrow with the, "3" on it), My question is: Is that white thingy a two sided connector? I tried using some adhesive tape to hold that cable 3 in place, and the phone receives power but the screen will not show anything. Just Black.

    The dreaded cable 3-parts.jpg
    2010-04-09 07:10 AM
  11. Effenpig!'s Avatar
    First, if your screen is black, you have problems besides connector 3. You either have a bad LCD or it's not connected correctly.

    For the little latch, you can buy the connector from digikey and just replace the latch on
    the connector. It's not easy and you can break the actual connector. The only other option os to send it to someone on the forum here to have the
    connector replaced

    like I said though, the blank/black screen is a separate problem, #3 just controls earpiece and proximity sensor
    2010-04-09 09:36 PM
  12. cpjr's Avatar
    Cpjr can you fix iphones with low or no signal?
    That's kind of a loaded question

    lots of variables, including whether you've ever had the phone apart or not
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    2010-04-09 09:45 PM
  13. Effenpig!'s Avatar
    Dzel- did you try rebooting
    the phone ( for the black screen)
    2010-04-09 10:46 PM
  14. dzel18's Avatar
    @ Effenpig!: I should try that, but not sure how to reboot the phone when I can't see it...I wish these things had reboot key combos like my HTC WinMo devices...

    @ Effenpig!: Nevermind, I just remembered how. Duh.

    That probably wouldn't help though, as the battery had ran down and the phone turned off...once it had charged a bit and I turned it back on, it was still black. Like I said in my other post, I think I may have bad hardware, even though they were supposed to be OEM parts from a trusted supplier. Guess you never know...that, or I screwed something up during the assembly, which is very possible since this was my first LCD and digitizer replacement attempt.
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    2010-04-11 08:31 AM