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    I recently dropped my 3GS phone without a case. The screen is badly cracked (not an issue as the digitizer and everything works fine, it just looks ugly). I mean it is bad enough where I believe there might be internal structural damage or something.

    On top of that, recently the battery has been draining faster. If I use the phone actively (games and/or internet usage), it drains at about 1% per minute or a little slower than that. It is not horrid but significantly less battery life than before the drop. It also gets quite hot at times.

    I was jailbroken, so to make sure that was not the issue I restored to 3.1.2, but the issue did not go away. The battery was draining as quickly as it was pre-restore. I have also tried the "drain it fully" and then recharge method, to no result. Even during my non-JB trial phase recently, with Push off, Wifi off, brightness low, etc. the battery drained just as fast.

    Now, before I just blindly get a battery replaced, I am wondering how to figure out what could be causing the battery drain. I am not a hardware pro and would not want to mess things up. But I also do not want to get fleeced by some local repair shop that may not know what they are doing.

    Is there a reputable source to discuss the issue with and/or send the phone to? I also live in NYC so there may be a reputable bricks & mortar repair shop somewhere in the area. My question is - what are the possible things (aside from busted battery) that could be causing the battery drain? And who is a good source to go to for diagnosis and/or repair?

    I hope this thread can be used to help other hardware-unsavvy iPhone users debug their problems in the future. Thank you.
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    Most likely its the battery, however the only way to began to tell is to replace it first. If its not the battery there is a short on the mainboard from the drop and that is most likely not going to be tracable.

    I can swap the battery for you if you wish. PM me.
    2010-04-08 02:46 PM