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    Hello, I'm currently having an issue with my proximity sensor. I first noticed that it stopped dimming the screen during a call and the pad was still active. Also during a call I noticed the lower left sensor port near the ear speaker would glow a dim red. I replaced the sensor array ribbon and the red glow is gone and the proximity sensor only just barely works (you have to completely cover all 3 sensors for the key pad to stop working, but it still won't dim. My guess is software now. Any ideas?

    Also is there a jailbreak app that allows access to the sensor data?
    2010-04-09 01:18 AM
  2. Z@nza's Avatar
    Please disregard. It seems an old adage of mine "Just because it's new, doesn't necessarily mean it's good" applies here. I just replaced the proximity sensor array ribbon again to test, and now is working perfectly.

    Although, I am dismayed that there were no replies or advise given.
    2010-04-10 03:43 AM